Old West Cinnamon Rolls

Back in 1972 Betty Parkhurst-Clemens had a bread mix from which she made dinner rolls.  Seeking a way to make a living with the mix, she took it to local fairs in Santa Maria and Paso Robles, and soon she was traveling to fairs all over the southwest. Because she was a little bored that first year, Betty started making cinnamon rolls, and before long that's all the fair goers wanted, whether they were in San Bernardino, Tucson, or right here on the Central Coast. In 1981, with the help of husband Ernie Clemons and her son, Jim Parkhurst, they opened the cinnamon roll bakery in Pismo Beach at 861 Dolliver Street. Betty attributes her longevity to her loyal customers from the San Juaquin Valley (frequent visitors to Pismo Beach); and, oh yes, Jim and his brother Joe still make and sell cinnamon rolls at fairs. We hope you'll try some of these famous rolls soon, along with the great Coastal Peaks coffee brewed at Old West.