Our Staff
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Michael Knight, Owner

Mike’s passion for producing and distributing extraordinary coffee is matched by his own love of great-tasting coffee. By managing a roastery he is able to provide coffee with consistent quality to wholesale accounts and the growing retail market.


Philip Grant, Roaster

Phil creates his coffee much the same way a master winemaker makes fine wine. We can’t tell you how he comes up with his extraordinary blends -- that’s one of those “trade secrets.” We can tell you that when you drink a cup of brewed coffee or an espresso drink made from our micro-roasted beans, you’ll experience the passion of someone who understands coffee on a deep, almost spiritual level. He recognizes and makes use of the nuances and subtle qualities of the varietals to create blends that are, in a word, extraordinary.


Tina and Nancy - Customer Service Reps

When you place an order with CPR, Tina or Nancy will most likely be your contacts, either by phone or online. These friendly, helpful women are also very knowledgeable about our coffees.