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Colombian Excelso - Currently Available

Two different roast levels give this varietal medium to full body with citrus flavors. Pleasant acidity. Nice dessert coffee.



Ethiopian Natural Sidamo - Currently Available. We also have this as a Fair Trade Organic. Please call to order.

Wild grown and dried in the sun. Fruity, complex flavors. Medium to full body. Often used in espresso blends. Full City Roast. 



Kenyan AA - Currently Available. 

Kenyan coffee is known for its bright acidity and sweetness. Berry-like aroma. Espresso Roast. 



Mexican Plumas Tres Oros - Not Available at this time.

From the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Mild nutty flavors. Medium body with balanced acidity. Vibrant aroma. City Roast.



Panama, Boquete Classico - Not Available at this time. 

City roast, yielding mild citrus and mango undertones with good acidity.  


new guinea 

Papua New Guinea - Not Available at this time.

Syrupy maple-like flavors. Excellent body, high acidity and rich in flavor. Full city roast. 



Sumatra, Grade 1. Currently Available. Also available in a Fair Trade Organic. Please call to order.  

A double-level roast (full city and espresso). Sweet and syrupy.



Uganda Bugisu AA - Not Available at this time. Organic Uganda will be available beginning March 23, and will be the Coffee of the Month for April. Please order from the Fair Trade Organic section.

Hints of chocolate enhance this full-flavored coffee with excellent body.