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Uganda Bugisu - April Coffee of the Month

An Organic (not Fair Trade) Varietal. Espresso Roast with rustic chocolate undertones and an enticing lemony aroma. 


Black Rabbit

Indonesian and South American beans, full-bodied with dark, syrupy undertones. Black Rabbit was one of our Coffee of the Month selections for our wholesale clients that quickly became a favorite. Now available for retail all through the year.

Caffe Vitiana 

Cafe Vitiana

Another favorite Coffee of the Month, Cafe Vitiana brings the Italian caffe experience to your coffee cup. A full city roast with good body and a smooth finish.

Cafe Cabrillo Peak Decaf

A bi-level roast. South American coffees blended for the perfect all-day decaf.

Cerro Romauldo

Indonesian, African and Central American coffees roasted to full city. Good body and a deep flavor.

Decaf French

Decaf French

A rich, dark and full-bodied decaf coffee.

Deep Mahogany

Indonesian, African and Central American coffees are roasted to the darkest shade for a syrupy smooth roast and smokey flavor. A local favorite.

Peru Dark

Heavy, syrupy body with low acidity and a clean flavor.

Sienna Espresso Roast

Full-bodied, zesty European-style coffee. Rich flavor, vibrant aroma and consistent crema.

Sumatra coffee 


Full-bodied and earthy with syrupy overtones.