Connect manages vessels' onboard holdings to provide accurate and intuitive purchase of digital products. Connect optimizes your daily operation by enabling vessel to create purchase requisition and receive licence instantly. Shipping company will be able to monitor the status and manage the order in real-time.

AVCS ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service

The ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) is the world’s leading digital maritime chart service, with over 14,750 official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) to help bridge officers navigate safely and efficiently whilst meeting Flag and Port State requirements.

Key features of AVCS include:

  • 100% official global maritime ENC coverage with more routes and ports than any other competing service
  • Unique ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO) for additional passage planning information
  • Weekly updates available via email, online or on CD and DVD to ensure ongoing safety and compliance
  • Delivered in industry standard S-63 / S-57 formats, guaranteeing compatibility with all ECDIS sold today – even in a mixed fleet




ADP ADMIRALTY Digital Publications

Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) is the computer-based versions of the UKHO's market-leading, paper-based nautical reference guides. Widely accepted as meeting SOLAS carriage requirements, they give bridge officers faster, accurate updates and easier access to the information they need.

Contents of ADP

  • ADLL - Admiralty List of Light
    Compatible with Admiralty Light List (NP74 – NP87)
  • ATT - Admiralty TotalTide
    Compatible with Admiral Tide Table (NP201 – NP208)
  • ADRS2 - Admiralty Digital Radio Signal Vol.2
    Compatible with Admiralty List of Radio Signal Vol.2 (NP282)
  • ADRS1345 - Admiralty Digital Radio Signal Vol.1, 3, 4, 5
    Compatible with Admiralty List of Radio Signal Vol.1, 3, 4, 5
    (NP281, NP283, P284, NP286)
  • ADRS6 - Admiralty Digital Radio Signal Vol.6
    Compatible with Admiralty List of Radio Signal Vol.6 (NP286)

Fast and efficient updates

ADP allows users to download weekly electronic updates by internet, email or disc. These can be applied accurately with minimum manual intervention, significantly reducing time spent making manual updates and minimising the risk of human error on board.

AENP ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications

e-Nautical Publications (AENPs) are electronic versions of official ADMIRALTY Nautical publications. Easy to use and update, they bring improved efficiency, accuracy and access to information bridge officers need.

  • Weekly Notices to Mariners (NMs) added accurately in seconds to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.
  • Simple search functionality for easier access to important planning information.
  • Approved for use by the Flag States of over three quarters of ships trading internationally, with clear display of NM updates to aid inspections.
  • 86 official ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications available in an electronic format. The range includes Sailing Directions, the Mariner’s Handbook and many more.

Digital NTMs

Digital Notices to Mariners (Digital NTM) provides paper charts/publications correction information and also digital products updates by email so that bridge officers can update onboard charts/publications and digital products without delay or mistake.
The update data is compressed by advanced technology and provided every week keep onboard products updated.
We distribute 2 kinds of Digital NTM services.


ChartCo PassageManager is a flagship software, allows access to ChartCo's full range of services through an intuitive graphical interface providing 'at a glance' monitoring of all update statuses. With minimal 'clicks' paper and electronic product catalogues and outfits can be displayed together with any correction or permit status.
It is integrated system and users can manage total updates not only paper/electronic products but also weather forecast, piracy information, Port data, Anti-Virus update, Flag state regulation updates and other variety of services.


TGT e-Data is simplest solution to update paper/electronic charts and publications.
It has simple design and user friendly functions so that onboard officers easily control this system without any troubles or difficulties.
TGT e-Data uses state-of-the-art data compression technology to deliver at least 60% file size reduction and is designed to work in a disconnected environment, which means vessels can access information without having to connect to the internet.