AMS manages nautical charts and publications, and provides new / updated items quickly and reliably.
TMSA (Tanker Management and Self Assessment - OCIMF) specifies the necessity and usefulness of this service.
It is also effective in compliance with ISM Code.

Are you in trouble like these?

To entrust the management of the nautical charts and publications for management vessels which navigational routes are stable.

I want to deliver updated nautical charts and publications on time.

It is difficult to manage nautical charts and publications because of a variety of ships.

To keep all the nautical charts and publications updated.

To know the annual costs of nautical charts and publications, etc., for vessels.

We recommend the introduction of AMS in such cases.

  • Merit1You can also arrange UPDATE DVD / CDs for electronic nautical charts at the same time of AMS provisions.
  • Merit2By purchasing the updated nautical charts and publications in AMS contract, you can update and manage the onboard list of each vessel easily.
  • Merit3AMS contract reduces management trouble, helping vessels a lot.
  • Merit4CORNES database keeps all the delivery records.
    Using only one supplier prevents duplication and unnecessary orders for each vessel.
  • Merit5By using only one supplier, the tracking of annual expenses becomes much easier.
  • *AMS service manages various charts and publications as follows.
BA, US, JAPAN, IMO, ICS, OCIMF, SITTO, ISF, ITU, Shipping Guide, Brown, Nautical Institute, etc...
  • *Next day delivery is available for domestic and the major cities of USA/ASIA with lower shipping price. Please ask us delivery date for other destinations.
  • *AMS certificate is issued every year.